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Welcome to the Thinking Tools Studio

The Thinking Tools Studio is brought to you by the Waters Center for Systems Thinking. We are committed to delivering benefits to users through engaging, innovative and applicable content — free of charge and full of learning.

With over 30 years of experience in the field, we’ve curated the Studio with courses, resources, lesson plans and more, benefitting seasoned systems thinkers and those just beginning their learning journey.



Access to interactive courses on the Habits and tools of systems thinking with exercises and reflection opportunities
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Resources that can be directly applied to your system(s) of interest
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Systems thinking exercises for organizations and teams of any size
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Benefits of Systems Thinking

What makes systems thinking so powerful? It provides Habits, strategies, and tools for overcoming complex challenges. From the classroom to the boardroom, it puts desired results within reach.
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The Thinking Tools Studio is a free service. To maintain this status and support our delivery of updated resources and features, we rely on donations from individuals and organizations.